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SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

September is State Misssion Emphasis Month
Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering
AWBC Goal - $4,000

Where does the offering go? 
Central Hills - (143 professions of faith last summer)
Camp Garaywa – where missions as a lifestyle is taught and learned
College Outreach – when young people are seeking what life is all about
and what to do with their lives
Port Ministry – where the world comes to us and hears about Jesus
Mission Volunteers – are assisted in their financial need
to go all over the world telling about Jesus
Cross Cultural Evangelism – to native Americans, African Americans
Hispanics, Chinese, Korean
Disaster Relief – ministering to those who have suffered deep loss
through a natural disaster
Christian Job Corps – poverty stricken learn about God’s love and are given a hand-up
Church Planting - renting space, supporting church planters
Community Ministry - Like our SWAG neighborhood ministy
(Saved With Amazing Grace)
Deaf Ministry
- providing Bible study and ministry activities for the deaf
Criminal Justice Ministry - Christian counseling for families

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Senior American Day at the State Fair
October 12, Bus leaves at 9:00 AM

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